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ECO 2012
the Voice of Conservation at the International Whaling Commission Annual Meeting

photo, breaching humpback whaleWe work to make oceans safe for marine mammals worldwide. We strive to eliminate dolphin mortality caused by the international tuna fishing industry, to end the use of driftnets, and to stop tuna purse-seine fishers from encircling dolphins in their nets. In addition, we aim to stop the resumption of commercial whaling worldwide, to promote sustainable fishing, and to protect the habitat of whales, dolphins, and other marine species.


Press Release:
WTO Decision Sacrifices Dolphins and Consumers

The Dolphin Safe Tuna Label Cannot Be Weakened Simply Because Mexico Refuses to Comply

Mexico’s tuna industry continues to chase, net, and kill thousands of dolphins to catch the tuna that swim beneath. The government of Mexico has objected for years about the US Dolphin Safe label standards for canned tuna, insisting that Mexico’s tuna should be falsely labeled Dolphin Safe on US supermarket shelves.

Today’s WTO Appellate Panel decision claims the Dolphin Safe tuna label is a detriment to free trade with Mexico because, illogically, Mexico alone refuses to comply with the voluntary US standards of no encirclement of dolphins while fishing for tuna. Every other nation involved in tuna fishing (with the exception of Mexico, Venezuela, and Colombia) follow the US standards for Dolphin Safe tuna. More…

Keiko: The Untold StoryKeiko: The Untold Story

Pressure Carnival to End Dolphin Shore Excursions!


WTO Dispute Panel Backs US Objectives to Protect Dolphins, But Hedges on Details

Preserve the Commercial Whaling Ban!

thumbnail of the print ad asking to support preservation of the commercial whaling moratorium

Stop the Sell-out by the US Delegation to the Government of Japan and International Whaling Commission!

photo of a man wearing a vest with a video screen on it; words on the screen say, the secret is out - help save Japan's dolphins

Help us in the campaign to end the Japan dolphin and whale slaughter!

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German Whale & Dolphin Foundation, GRD logo
The German Dolphin Conservation Society based in Munich has been instrumental since 1990 in the issue of Dolphin Safe tuna monitoring and education. This was the first non-governmental organization to assist Earth Island Institute by working with the German canned tuna industry to verify the Dolphin Safe status of tuna supplies. We thank Rollo Gebhard and his staff for their tireless work for dolphins.

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Press Release:
WTO Tuna/Dolphin Decision Mixed

WTO Dispute Panel Backs US Objectives to Protect Dolphins, But Hedges on Details

Earth Island Institute’s International Marine Mammal Project stated today that a decision by a WTO dispute panel on use of the “Dolphin Safe” tuna label was a mixed one, but not at all a win for Mexico’s dolphin-killing tuna industry.

“The Mexican government is trying to spin this mixed decision into a win for their continuing to chase and net dolphins in pursuit of tuna,“ stated David Phillips, Executive Director of Earth Island Institute.  “This is far from the truth.  The WTO panel expressly stated that Mexico’s method does not meet the US’s legitimate objectives to ensure that tuna caught by methods that harm dolphins is not falsely labeled for consumers as ‘Dolphin Safe.’ ”More…

Press Release:
Why President Obama Needs to Block the Backroom Deal on International Whaling

Plans are underway to gut the international whaling moratorium first approved in 1982 by the International Whaling Commission (IWC).

The secret IWC deal, originally negotiated by the Bush administration, would allow Japan, Norway and Iceland to continue their slaughter of whales despite the existing IWC moratorium on commercial whaling. In fact, the deal would allow those countries to continue their illegal whale slaughter for commercial gain under the approval of the IWC, including whaling in the southern Antarctic Ocean whale sanctuary designated by the IWC. More…

The Cove Wins the Oscar! All Eyes Turn To Japan…

An Important Message from Ric O’Barry and the Save Japan Dolphins Campaign:

If you watched the Oscars, you saw me (holding the TEXT 44144 sign), Fisher Stevens and Director Louie Psihoyos accept the Best Documentary awarded by the Academy. Wow, what an incredible moment!

Without your support, this would never have happened. So, even though I wasn’t able to thank you all at the podium, I thank you all now.

But this has never been about winning awards. Our job is to end the slaughter and stop the poisoning. And now our work in Japan begins anew. We must focus like a laser on getting The Cove and our message to the Japanese people.

But there are threats on the horizon. Officials in Japan are threatening repercussions against university and community groups that dare to show The Cove. Dolphin-killing fishermen’s unions are threatening lawsuits against theaters that show the film. There are even some signs that I could face arrest in Japan, even though I’ve broken no laws whatsoever. More…

ECO, The Environmental Voice at the IWC

ECO is published by Earth Island Institute’s International Marine Mammal Project at the Annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission on behalf of environmental and animal welfare organizations around the globe.

Help Stop the Slaughter of dolphins in Japan!!

In several fishing villages in Japan, dolphins are herded in drive fisheries into shallow water and butchered for meat. But the dirty secret is that the dolphin drive fishery is subsidized by the aquarium and swim-with-dolphins trade around the world – the representatives of the captivity industry get to take their pick of healthy dolphins in the drive nets at thousands of dollars; the rest are slaughtered. Find out how you can help end this barbarous slaughter.

Press Release: Major Japanese Supermarket Chain Permanently Bans All Sale Of Dolphin Meat
Also available in Japanese (.pdf, ~100k). From The Save Japan Dolphins Coalition.

Saving dolphins

Our campaign for "dolphin safe" tuna has prevented the drowning in tuna nets of hundreds of thousands of dolphins. Dolphin deaths have decreased 97% in the past decade.

International Monitoring Program
» Find out about Earth Island Institute's International Monitoring Program to ensure the "Dolphin Safe" label on tuna means what it says!

» Check out information about "Dolphin Safe" tuna for consumers: learn of current boycotts and how to report violations at markets,

» Keep the "Dolphin Safe" Tuna Label Honest: NO NETS ON DOLPHINS! Click Here to view Earth Island’s current list of Verified Dolphin Safe fishing and processing companies, and

» Click Here to view Earth Island’s current list of Verified Dolphin Safe importers, brokers, and retailers

graphic seal, words QMS Global, iso 9001 Registeredgraphic seal, words QMS Global, iso 14001 Registered
Stop the Navy Soundblasting!
The US Navy is prepared to unleash one of the loudest soundblasting sonar devices under the oceans, ostensibly to find "enemy" submarines. But instead of fighting mythical subs, the Navy's Low Frequency Active (LFA) Sonar program is fighting whales and other marine life. Find out what you can do to stop the Navy's soundblasting of our oceans.

» Ocean Noise Coalition — Earth Island has teamed up with the Ocean Mammal Institue and Seaflow to bring you the latest news and alerts on efforts to protect marine life and our oceans from increasing human-generated noise! Click here to learn more about this important coalition effort!

Northwestern Orcas in Trouble
Earth Island Institute is coordinating with local grassroots groups and scientists to protect the declining orca populations in Northwestern Washington state and British Columbia. Click here to learn about our campaign effort.
Protecting Whales
Despite a worldwide moratorium on commercial whaling, in effect since 1985, Japan and Norway continue to hunt whales, using loopholes in international agreements. There is no justification for killing whales anymore. Find out more about the International Whaling Convention and Earth Island's efforts to stop whaling forever.

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